Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our week in tech- OS X Mountain Lion!

   OS X Mountain Lion has been announced!

     OS X Mountain Lion is coming this summer, a year from Mac OS X Lion's release (Annual releases are a  new thing for Apple!) As seen on Apple's website, OS X Mountain Lion will include all-new features inspired by the iOS environment! Everybody thought Lion was a big step towards combining Mac OS X and iOS, Mountain Lion is an even bigger step! I personally think this is a great thing because as Steve Jobs was famous for saying, we really ARE headed into a "post-PC era!" An era where everything is more mobile than we've ever seen before.
Here is a video introducing you to OS X Mountain Lion:
 FUN FACT: You may have noticed that instead of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, I wrote OS X Mountain Lion. Apple has officially dropped Mac from the operating system's name starting with OS X Mountain Lion. I mentioned above the combination of the Mac OS X environment and the iOS environment. The reason is the combination of the environments!


  1. Wow - it just keeps getting better and better! By the time I can afford my Mac, it will probably be able to cook me breakfast and walk the dogs. LOL! Check out my blog today - you've been tagged. "Tag, you're it!" :)