Wednesday, December 28, 2011

British PM to Rule Country with Personalized iPad App!

British Prime Minister to Rule Country with Personalized iPad App!
When I read this earlier, the first thought that came to my head was "iPad's really DO rule the world!" The only problem I could see with this is that if his iPad was stolen, hacked, or the app infiltrated, all of Britain's top secret information would be available to get into the wrong hands. Sounds like a risky price to pay for portability, but I could see myself making the same move. Something to think about at least.
Hope you enjoy. Please give me your thoughts and feedback, and tell me how YOU use your iPad or other tablets in everyday life.
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British PM David Cameron is having a personalized iPad app built by programmers inside the Cabinet Office that will provide him with the latest information he needs to run the country.



  1. LOL! I can see the headlines now:

    "British Prime Minister Loses iPad at Airport, Britain Now Being Ruled By Teenager Who Found It."

    This post cracked me up. But seriously, wow. This does show just how useful and prevalent these devices are becoming in our daily lives!

  2. Oh I could see it now! LOL on the headline! Glad you enjoyed the post.